Pastor Bell

Pastor Eugene Bell grew up in many of the city housing projects including Durkeeville, Brentwood, and Washington Heights. Though he saw and experienced all of what they had to offer; by the grace of God he did not become a statistic. This is a testimony to God’s grace as Eugene experimented with selling drugs, running the streets, and just trying to survive. On more than one occasion Pastor Bell had to sleep in places like a car, the steps of an apartment complex, and even on the ledge of a concession stand in a park. God brought him through many trials and he received Christ at the age of twenty-three. After eight years of serving in leadership at a local church, God called Eugene to go forth. Pastor Bell is currently studying Religion at Liberty Baptist University and enjoys spending time with his family and the people of God.

Pastor Bell admires the humility, leadership, and vision of  Bishop-Elect Dr. Kevin L. Betton Sr. and has committed himself and The Cornerstone Church to his mentorship, covering and accountability through “The Kingdom Fellowship of Interdependent Ministries” of which Bishop-Elect Betton is Overseer.

To request Pastor Bell to minister download the attached initial request form: Pastor Bell Speaking Contract  and email to

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